Our sole purpose is to raise funds for welfare organisations.

Ride for a purpose

947 Cycle Challenge

What We Do?

Woodrock Animal Rescue, Husky Rescue, PETS and PAWS R US are all exceptional organisations that are dedicated to the well-being of so many animals that often require more attention and care than other dogs and therefore often end up situations of neglect or abandonment.

All three centres are non-profit organisations and rely solely on the kind assistance from volunteers and financial donations from supporters to continue to do their important work. Fund raising initiatives like the Barking Army 947 Cycle Challenge fund raiser are key to assisting these centres in meeting their annual fund raising needs.

This is why we are searching for people like you, to help us keep our efforts alive. If you believe in the work that we do, or you have a passion for animals in general, you’re supporting the right team! So as much as you support us, we want to try to support you through every kilometer you ride on the day and also through the training months leading up to the event.

Pick the organisation you wish to support and ride for us on the day. By riding for us you'll be making a huge difference to the lives of the very special animal currently in rescue.

What’s in it for you?

Dedicated early start time, if required

Group training rides in the Cradle

Cycling jersey or dri-fit (for previous Barking Army cyclists) for your selected organisation

Hospitality tent at the finish including drinks, food & a hearty welcome over the finish line!

Knowing you changed the lives of a number of animals in need!

And finally, what do we need from you?

We need each rider to pledge R2200 for either Woodrock Animal Rescue, Husky Rescue, PETS or PAWS R US.

Sell cakes, have a jumble sale, raffle something at the office, get your kms sponsored by friends and family.

Whatever you do, do it for the animals out there!

The rider who raises the most money for Barking Army will win a fantastic prize!

We need you to ride the 947 Cycle Challenge.