Our sole purpose is to raise funds for welfare organisations.

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Our beneficiaries


Woodrock Animal Rescue

NPO no. 103156

Woodrock Animal Rescue provide assistance to unfortunate, homeless, abused, neglected, stray, injured, ill, geriatric and unwanted animals (predominantly canines) that would otherwise have miserable lives and premature deaths.

We are one of the oldest independent domestic animal rescue centres in South Africa. Woodrock Animal Rescue was founded in 1992 by Nicholas and Estelle (Stella) Meldau, whose focus, passion and drive afforded their animal rescue vision to become a reality.

The rescue centre originated in the suburban area of Woodmead and Khyber Rock, hence the name Woodrock. We are now based on 8.5 hectares in the beautiful Hennops River Valley, 25 minutes north from Fourways Johannesburg on the R511 Hartbeespoort Road.


Husky Rescue

NPO no. 075387

Husky Rescue Southern Africa is a non-profit organisation that specialises in the rescue and re-homing of huskies and other Nordic breeds of dogs.

An increase in demand results in an increase of supply and as a result irresponsible backyard breeders have flooded neighbourhoods with puppies without educating people on the very specific needs of these breeds of dogs. Families have found themselves unable or unwilling to accommodate the needs of the dogs and dogs are found roaming the streets, abandoned or even worse; abused.

We’re a group of passionate volunteers who dedicate as much time as our busy lives possibly allow to the safe rescue, rehabilitation, fostering and re-homing of these dogs.



PBO No: 930025719

PETS (Pet Empowerment in Townships) strives to empower animals in townships and poor communities. We work with the community to improve the lives of these disadvantaged animals by giving them daily meals, warm shelters, regular inoculations, sterilisations and vet care in emergencies. We also rehome those ones that are unwanted, unloved or lost.

We try to instil in the communities, a responsibility and pride for their animals by not just empowering the animals, but also by educating and helping the people uplift themselves. We believe in working hand in hand with the animals and people of these impoverished areas to create unity, trust and stability for all.


Paws R Us (SA)

NPC No: 2013/209587/08 (PRU Canine Rescue)

Paws R Us (SA) focuses on the EDUCATION of society with regards to companion animal care, whilst also doing animal recue, networking and re-homing. Paws R Us (SA) is a registered Non-Profit Company.

We are available to visit schools, communities and organisations in order to inform, educate and involve. In terms of our rescue operations, we focus specifically on the care, networking and re-homing of rescue dogs.

We make use of a private, rescue kennels facility in the Tarlton area, on route out to Magaliesberg. Wherever possible, we also partner with a network of approved foster homes spread throughout Gauteng.

Our team members have full-time employment, but have chosen to take on animal rescue work inbetween. It is a mad juggling act, but definitely worth all the madness and pressure that comes with it!

How you can help

947 Cycle Challenge

You enter under Barking Army, select the rescue organisation you want to ride for and we'll do all the admin on their behalf. We will ensure you ride for your selected team, it will be loud and clear on your cycle jersey! As a team, 3 rescue organisations can achieve much more and that's why we've decided to combine efforts!

Black Sheep Movie Night

You book your movie tickets & we will make sure you have a wonderful evening out with your friends & family. We will ensure that your contribution gets split equally between our welfare organisations.


We are always looking for prizes, if you or your company can assist us with some prizes, we will appreciate it very much. Please get in contact with us.

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